Custom Branding

What is Tiphunzire

Tiphunzire learning management system (LMS) is changing the way people learn. Tiphunzire is designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy, and has been embraced for its ability to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal and external enterprise and school learning


What is E-Learning and Live Learning?

With Tiphunzire

E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real time tracking of training results, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

Personlized Training

Personalized Training

For Your Need

While the overall goal is the same, each trainee is assigned different objectives and milestones. Trainees are also designated distinct exercises and are made to follow unique programs according to the need

Custom Branding

Custom Branding and White Labelling

Platform in Your Name

With Tiphunzire, you can white-label your learning management system by adding your logo, color scheme, custom layout and domain.

Any Device, Any Time

Any Time, Any Device

Mobile Friendly

Start learning your favorite courses from anywhere in anytime using any device. Tiphunzire responsive user interfaces support any size of screen. You can download our mobile app for Android and iOS devices and connect instantly with Tiphunzire

Live Learning with Tiphunzire

Live Learning is a session taught by an instructor or a teacher, face-to-face, in real time, online in a virtual learning environment or any other means which requires interaction with students. Tiphunzire Live Learning gives a fully integrated virtual class environment with students via Tiphunzire LMS. Tiphunzire courses can be configured to have both E-Learning and Live Session together to give Blended Learning experience to the student. Some of the key features of Tiphunzire Live Learning is below.

HTML Player


Tiphunzire Live Learning system comes with a built in HTML5 player which runs in the browser. Hence, no download of software required by the student.



The system allows the instructor to record the session. The recorded session is available for viewing within the course section in Tiphunzire.

White Board (Multi User)


The whiteboard with controls for text and drawing allows instructor to annotate key parts of the lesson interactively. The multi-user feature in whiteboard allows everyone to write or draw on the whiteboard.

Screen Sharing


Tiphunzire Live Learning allows the instructor to share the screen with students or upload presentation to the system.

Students Interaction


Tiphunzire Live Learning system has the ability to let students interact with the instructor. Raise hand and give feedback with emojis such as happy, sad, undecided, thumbs up etc.

Multimedia Enabled


The system is optimized to work through high quality audio and video streaming. Tiphunzire has deployed its own dedicated servers with high bandwidth to run Live Learning.

E-Learning Content Development

Tiphunzire is not only a Learning Management System (LMS). We bring the total solution for your e-Learning needs. Our content development department is ready to develop interactive, feature rich, multimedia e-Learning course content for any subject.


Total E-Learning Solutions Provider

E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real time tracking of training results, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

Personlized Training

Compliance with Standards

Our e-Learning courses we develop are compliant to all international e-Learning course standards such as Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) or Tin Can API (xApi). Tiphunzire supports to all international compliant courses. You can deploy international compliant courses developed in anywhere in the world using Tiphunzire.

Custom Branding

Development Process

Our e-Learning course development process contains few steps to make sure we always deliver e-Learning content with 100% satisfaction to the client. The process includes analysis of content, discuss the content with client’s subject matter expert, design storyboard and finally develop the content

Any Device, Any Time

e-Learning Course Types

We develop e-Learning courses in main 4 categories.
1. Text, Basic Animations and Voice Sample
2. 2D Role Play Animations and Voice Sample
3. 3D Role Play Animations and Voice
4. Combination of above main 3 categories

Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our strength. The trust they place on us, our team and our expertise is what makes us grow and innovate each and every day. All our projects are founded on a close relationship with the client. Listening, comparison and dialogue are necessary to create every project and contribute to the growth of our company.

Tiphunzire Deployment Options

Tiphunzire can be purchased in 3 ways. Managed cloud gives you dedicated/shared cloud server from world recognized cloud service provider or can be installed in your on premise server setup. Software as a Service (SaaS) model will be suitable for smaller organizations. Please contact us for pricing in each model.



  •   Fully featured LMS in Cloud Server
  •   Unlimited Named Users
  •   White Labelled to your name
  •   Live Learning - Included



  •   Fully featured LMS in Your Server
  •   Unlimited Named Users
  •   White Labelled to your name
  •   Live Learning - Included



  •   Fully featured LMS
  •   Minimum User Count is 5
  •   Ideal for Small Companies
  •   Live Learning - seperate cost

Our Partners

We partnered with other companies who are masters in different industry verticals to bring complete solutions to our clients. Also, our partners deliver our solutions and technologies to customers worldwide.

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